Are you in need of an immediate, professional solution to a pressing HR Problem? Is your HR not being handled effectively? Are you spending too much time on HR issues? Is there only few employees in your HR department and they can't finish their tasks? So you want to grow your business?
MAYKS HR Consulting’s will ensure a significant return on your company’s most valuable investment. Thirteen years’ experience in the Middle East and the Gulf, assessing and selecting tools, has allowed us to serve our clients more effectively and efficiently than anyone else in the industry. We consistently provide high-quality HR Services the Middle East market. MAYKS thrives on proactivity and responsiveness, which gives us the flexibility to accommodate your needs and guarantee your success. Our experts work closely with you throughout the process to see that your projects are completed without delay.
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Our HRM Process
The HRM Process is tailored per client and Project. Get in touch with us to help you more.
Our Recruitment and Headhunting Process
We are a Multidisciplinary HR Consulting firm based in Qatar, with channel partners from all over the world. Our headhunting processes are state-of-the-art, utilizing the best technology to perform all headhunting tasks. Our 13 years’ experience in Qatar in assessing and selecting tools, gives us the ability to serve our clients more effectively and efficiently than anyone in the industry. We consistently provide high-quality headhunted candidates from the local and international markets. MAYKS revolves around being proactive and responsive, giving us the flexibility to accommodate your needs and ensure your success. Our experts will work with you in the headhunting process to ensure that your projects are never in delay.


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